Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kiledar buildings 7: the stone structure in the centre of the photograph was the wall of a building; the building now more closely resembles a pit.

The lines of stones in front of it, forming three sides of a square, are all that remains of a building; the lost fourth side on the left presumably bore the brunt of the assault. I don't know how much higher up that building was beforehand, but whatever space there was within the walls has since been filled in; that is what the central structure behind it will look like in a few years.

The near and right side lines of stones are becoming less visible; they are between the period before ecological succession, when they are clearly visible and the period after, seen elsewhere in this village, when they are unidentifiable or invisible.

Around both the central structure and the stone lines in the foreground are hillocks, which as I understand it are entirely submerged remnants of features; they may have been the corners of buildings, which better resist demolition, or the piles of stones of smashed or collapsed buildings.

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